Top Best cloud hosting for WordPress in 2022

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Server:1(Click here to download the movie) Download now Server 2:(Click here to download the movie) Download now If you are thinking to start a new blog in 2022 or migrate your blog to new hosting and are confused in considering which hosting you should choose. So, if you … [Read more..]

What is Motherboard? What is the use of it

What is Motherboard

Hello friends, if you use computer then you must have heard about motherboard and you know what is motherboard, its use for computer which are different components in motherboard, what is their use and in motherboard All the components that are installed like hard disk has become pendrive, mouse, … [Read more..]

What is Megapixel and how many types?

What is Megapixel

Hello friends-Do you know what is megapixel – you all use mobile camera, click photos, today camera has become a necessity in mobile, more and more people use to snap selfie, as many memories of you click with camera. People must be heard saying that my mobile has … [Read more..]

What is Developer Option and its uses?

What is Developer Option

Hello friendsthat have Android to mobile use you a lot of settings to be aware of what you know about the Developer option do you know what is Developer option  to be aware of the settings option is what the developer option What can setting  Today I will tell … [Read more..]