How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool in 2021?

With Google Keyword Planner, you can find keywords for your next blog post. The searches of every user are stored in the Google database and by using this tool, we can know that what people are searching and in what quantity. So today we will know how to use Google Keyword Planner Tool?

Whether you are writing a new blog post or making a new video for your YouTube channel, All needs keyword research. Without a good keyword, you will not be able to rank your post well in Google.

If your keyword is good and you have optimized it well in your own post, then you will be able to easily rank the same post. All the tools for keyword search all use the database of Google Keyword Planner, which is why I consider this tool to be the best.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a free SEO tool that you can easily use in your blog or YouTube. The basic purpose of this tool is to provide you with information related to keywords.

You can not only search keywords, but how many times that keyword is found in a whole month, how much is their CPC, how much is their search volume, you can also find out information about many such things.

One thing you should understand is that this tool has been made keeping in mind the Adwords advertisers. This tool has bidding features that are not of your meaning. Because this feature is basically made for the advertisers who run their own ad campaigns.

How to create an account in Google Keyword Planner?

Here in the video below, you will get complete information about how to use the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Can keyword planners be used for Hindi blogs?

Yes, a keyword planner can be used for Hindi blogs. Just you have to take care of one thing that the keywords should be in “Hinglish”. By this, you can get correct information.

Is the information shown on the keyword planner completely accurate?

Yes, the information shown on the keyword planner is completely correct. In other words, it is about 95% correct.

Which is the best paid tool to do Hindi keyword research?

The best paid tool to do keyword research is


Through this video, I tried that I can give you some knowledge about How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool. If you have any doubt please comment will try to resolve it as soon as possible. And please share this post with your friends so they also know about it.

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