Important settings of WiFi Router in 2021

Important settings of WiFi Router: Hello friends,Do you also have a WiFi connection at your home, do you also use WiFi, then you must know what a WiFi Router is, if you do not know, I will tell you, but there are some important buttons in the router, there are some important settings. There is a router setup page that you must know about and it is very useful for you.

Important settings of WiFi Router-

1. WPS Button –

Very few people know about this button.

The full form of WPS is WiFi Protected Setup, with the help of this, you can connect WiFi in any wireless device without saying in mobile without password, here you will not need any kind of password.

For example suppose if a guest comes to your house and he asks to turn on wifi and you want him not to tell the password of wifi. If you do not want to share the password with him, then you simply have to go to the WiFi of his mobile and there you will have the option of more, by clicking on it you will get the option of WPS, then you go to the WiFi router, on the router you press the WPS button. If it is connected to your mobile after a few seconds, you will not need any kind of password, if you want to use WPS Pin also, then you can do that too.

2. LAN port and WAP port –

Many people are confused that the cable we have got with the WiFi router, we should put it in the LAN port or in the WAN port, meaning in which you connect it, you should not get confused in it.

The full form of WAN is wide area network, if you want to create a WiFi network around your home, whatever WiFi you want to use in your laptop, computer, mobile, with the help of network cable and not with the help of router, in such a way that There is a cable, you will connect it to the WAP network or to the Wan port, after that a WiFi network will be created around you, after that you will be able to use it i.e. you can use the internet

Apart from this, suppose if the same network is to be connected to a nearby computer, you want to access the internet with the help of cable, in such a situation, you can use the LAN port there and whatever internet connection with the help of LAN cable in the nearby computer can be accessed by connecting

3.  Reset Button (default button) –

You must have seen the recent button inside the WiFi router, which is also called the default button, like you press the reset button in the WiFi router, whatever setting you have made in the WiFi router, whatever the name of the WiFi has been entered, whatever the username password Have put the network company or whatever you have setup the WiFi router, all of it will be deleted and will become a new router key, just like you take a new router, the same will be created.

4. Changing Wifi Router Name and Password –

Many people do not know how to change the password of the wifi router, then to change the password of the wifi router, go to the settings of the mobile with which your wifi is connected and go to the wifi option and click on the connected wifi. 

As soon as you click on it, you will get an option Go to webpage, there will be an IP address written there, then you have to click on it, then you will go directly to a browser, then you can password your wifi name from there. If you want to change, you can do it comfortably, simply by putting the password you want to put, you have to click on save.

5. Setting Admin and Password on the Webpage of Wifi Router –

Many people do not put username and password on the web page of their wifi router, what is the harm that suppose your friend comes to your house and he says to connect wifi, that your friend go to wifi setting and click on your wifi By clicking on the Go to webpage option, you can easily change the password of your WiFi.

If you enter username or password, then he will not be able to change the password of your wifi, he cannot see your wifi even if your wifi is connected in his mobile. If you are very important to find the username and password for your WI-Fi Ray doctor if you then can change it easy for you in your Google search he cast address and direct you will go to that page.

6. Detecting Connected WiFi User –

Many people want that who is using our wifi, who is connected to which device, no strangers are using it, you can find out, go inside the wifi router setup page, how can he go As mentioned above, you have to click on the Go to webpage option, in this you will get the option of an advanced setting, then by going to it you can see all the WiFi connected devices.

Conclusion –

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