What is Developer Option and its uses?

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that have Android to mobile use you a lot of settings to be aware of what you know about the Developer option do you know what is Developer option  to be aware of the settings option is what the developer option What can setting 

Today I will tell you this What is Developer Option, do you know what is the use of them. So let’s know, then read this article of ours completely. Most of the people will know that the developer option is hidden in Android mobile.

What is Developer Option?

If you want to see the Developer option in your mobile, you will get the Build option or version option by going to the About section of your mobile, you have to click on it 7 times so that this developer option will be turned on in your mobile, then you will come out to you additional Developer option will be visible in the setting, this developer option has many features but I will tell you about the work feature which will be useful in your daily life.

1. Stay Awake –

If you activate this feature and after activating you put your mobile on charge, the screen of your mobile will never turn off, that means even after turning on your mobile, it will remain on in charging.

Whenever you put your mobile in charge, then the feature is activated, if you want, whenever you put your mobile on charge, then your mobile screen is not off, then you can use this feature.

2. Running Service –

By using this feature, you can find out which application is active or application is running and how much RAM it is using, then all of you are using which apps in your mobile application, you can find out with the help of this option. This option can also be very useful for you in your RAM management, which manages your RAM.

3. OEM Unlock-

This feature is very important and you will get to see this feature mostly in Android’s Lollipop version or higher version, if you want to update your mobile with desktop mode, then you have to activate this feature in your mobile. With the help of this feature, you will be able to update your Android version.

4. USB Debugging-

This feature is very popular, everyone knows about it, with the help of this feature you can connect your mobile to computer laptop or PC, that too in a very easy way if you want to transfer files to your computer, connect it to any software. If you want to do this, you can easily connect with the help of this feature, for that first you have to activate this feature, this feature is also very useful, for this you will have to use the cable of your mobile.

5. USB Configuration-

This feature is also very good, the use of this feature is to connect your mobile to a laptop computer through a data cable, there should be no file in it or the camera should be open, meaning whenever your phone is connected to the computer, you should charge the phone only in it. Use this feature to avoid any kind of data sharing, it is a very useful thing.

6. Aggressive Wi-Fi / Cell handover –

Its use is that whenever you use wifi in your mobile, sometimes your Wi-Fi signal comes down because automatic mobile data will be turned on in the mobile, this feature comes in handy when you are watching movies in your mobile. If you are watching or downloading movies or watching some videos, then there is no problem of your network, so use it.

7. Show Touches –

Whenever you will turn on this feature, whenever you touch your mobile, there you will see a small ball which will tell you where you have touched on your screen, its main job is that it will appear in the screen This feature that shows touch is also quite interesting.

8. Pointer Location –

As soon as you activate or turn on this feature, it will show you a location
where you have touched, so that you will know exactly where you have touched on the screen.

9. Window Animation Scale –

This feature is also a bit important and also interesting, in this you can control the window animation scale, suppose you give more window animation scale in mobile, in this case your mobile application will open a little late and if the animation is in this game. If you reduce it, then the application will open quickly in your mobile, this is the only use without animation on the screen, which you can do very easily in your mobile.

10. Transition animation scale –

With the help of this, whenever you open any app, you will see the transition there, that is, the transition that will be used to open an application, how much will be visible or how much will be used at a time.

11. Animation duration scale –

Its use is basic that how long do you want to show the animation in your mobile i.e. how long do you want to set its duration, with the help of this feature you can do it comfortably, this feature is also very useful for you.

12. Simulate Secondary Display –

With the help of this feature, you want to show a second screen in your mobile, with the help of this feature you can do it very easily, you can bring a second screen in your mobile, just you have to activate this feature, then you have an option You have to select it as you set it, you will see a small screen in your mobile.

Conclusion –

I hope you will come out of it “What is Developer Option” will went receive complete information if you can comment you ask must tell you something by comments so I like this post .Do share on your social media

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