What is Megapixel and how many types?

Hello friends-Do you know what is megapixel – you all use mobile camera, click photos, today camera has become a necessity in mobile, more and more people use to snap selfie, as many memories of you click with camera.

People must be heard saying that my mobile has 16 megapixel, some say that my mobile has 48 megapixel, 64 megapixel camera and 108 megapixel, some say that the quality of my camera is good, you know this is a mega pixel fund What, if someone says that I have an e-phone, then someone will say that my camera is good while the camera of the iPhone is 12 megapixels but its photo quality is the best, why? Now we know what is megapixel.

What this is all about, why the quality of iPhone is good, while its camera is 12 megapixels, if you have seen dslr camera then it is only 20 megapixels, 24 megapixels but camera quality is its best.so, today in this article I will tell everything about What is Megapixel, so please read it completely

What is Pixel

Whenever we click a photo from the camera of our mobile, there is a camera sensor in the camera which helps you to click the photo, this is the sensor which we also call the image sensor, inside which there are many small and very small ones. There are piney boxes, which if you see with your eyes, then you will not see them; we call these small piney boxes pixel.

In these tiny pixels, the information of the photo is saved, here these small crores of boxes make up a photo. 

If you say in simple language, then after clicking a photo, you will see that photo by zooming to the maximum, then small boxes will appear in the blur. The smallest part of a photo is its pixel.

What is megapixel?

If you have understood pixels, then now you understand megapixels. The small boxes that are in the pixel, these small boxes or pixels consist of megapixels. 

That is, 1 megapixel has 1 million pixels, that is, 1 megapixel is made up of 1 million small pixels and 12 megapixels has 12 million small pixels and if we talk about 48 megapixels, then there are 48 million small pixels. If there is 64 megapixels, then there will be 64 million small pixels in it, so the combination of these pixels makes megapixels.

1 megapixel –   100k pixel

12 megapixel – 1.2 million pixel

48 megapixel – 4.80 million pixel

64 megapixel – 6.40 million lakh pixel

The more megapixels, the bigger will be its resolution, if there is a 12 megapixel camera, its resolution will be 4290×2800, the higher the resolution, the more photos you will be able to zoom. If you zoom in on a photo from 12 megapixels and a photo from 64 megapixels, then the 12 megapixels will not zoom as much as the 64 megapixels. Meaning a 64 megapixel photo will be more zoom.

16MP vs 48MP vs 64MP? –

So now let’s talk about a smart phone company, how it makes a 12 megapixel camera an owl by telling it to be 48 megapixels, so let’s understand it through an example, let’s say we have a box and 12 mangoes, let’s assume the box is a photo. The sensor and what is common is megapixels, a common one is equal to 1 megapixel

 If the total is 12 megapixels, then we can store only 12 megapixels in that box or photo sensor and the size of each mango is fixed. So what does the company do, make the same 12 megapixel camera a 48 megapixel camera and understand how the company does it

If the same mango is taken instead of 1 big mango, then 48 small mangoes will come in that box, if 12 is multiplied by 4 then it is 48, in the same way the company would make small pixels of those 12 megapixels. Which the company sells by making 48 megapixels 

Similarly, the sensor in the camera is the same, just those pixels are shortened, instead of 12 million, 48 million pixels are used.

Now if we talk about 48 megapixels, 64 megapixels camera, our phone still has 12 megapixel camera of i phone, the photo comes out very good, if we talk about dslr then it also has 24 megapixels but its photo is the best And why does it come out clean? 

The flagship phones that are expensive have 12 megapixel cameras, their pixel size is bigger than the cheap phones 48 and 64 megapixels. And the camera sensor of the flagship phone is also bigger, the bigger the pixel, the more you will be able to click the photo clear, the detail of the photo, the brightness will be all clear and good, which in the flagship phone you get good picture quality, its money is not only pixels and It does not depend on the picture size, what is its upper limit, the more light will pass in, the better the quality of the image will be.

DSLR Megapixel –

Now let’s talk about the camera of dslr, the camera of dslr is only 16 megapixels, but the image quality is that of flagship phone camera and 64 megapixels, 108 megapixels. The photo quality of most dslr is million times better.

That’s because its camera sensor is very big, you cannot see the camera sensor of normal smartphone, but you will easily see the sensor of DSLR and the pixel size of it is bigger than the camera of the smartphone, due to which the image has better detailing and quality.

Disclaimers –

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