What is Motherboard? What is the use of it

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if you use computer then you must have heard about motherboard and you know what is motherboard, its use for computer which are different components in motherboard, what is their use and in motherboard All the components that are installed like hard disk has become pendrive, mouse, keyboard, CPU is installed, all these are installed in the motherboard itself, so to know all this, you will have to read the article completely, I will tell you in this article “  “I’ll  give you all the details about What is motherboard

What is Motherboard?

Motherboard is the most important part of the computer, in which all the necessary components of the computer are connected such as hard disk, RAM, CPU, mouse, keyboard, all these are all hardware components which are connected in the motherboard and it Everything is possible only because of the motherboard, it is a kind of board, that is, it is a circuit board in which the hardware important components of the computer are installed, due to which our computer is started.

Although there are many types of small and big components in the motherboard, but I will tell you about the components which are important.

Different Parts of Motherboard – Motherboard Ports

CPU – 

AVADirect Custom X99 Intel Core i7 gaming cpu

Motherboard has a white colored board made in a square, inside which you add your CPU like dual core, quad core, i3, i5, i7 are all these processors which are added inside CPU. This is a very important part of the computer, on which our motherboard works. 

Mouse –

razer mamba elite mouse

If you want to add a mouse to your computer motherboard, which is a green port in the motherboard, you can connect your mouse to it and who can use it in the computer. 

Keyboard –

microsoft wired keyboard 200

If you have to add a keyboard to your motherboard and use the keyboard for typing, if you want to write something in the computer, then you will have a purple color port in the motherboard, in which you can add your keyboard and then use your keyboard comfortably

Parallel Port –


Friends, this port is the most important, suppose if you have to add or connect any kind of printer or scanner in your motherboard, then you can use this port and you will be able to use your printer and scanner.

USB Port –

Orange USB port

You must have heard about this port and you people must also use it, if you have to connect any kind of external hard disk or pen drive from motherboard to your computer then you can connect comfortably with the help of this USB port. And can also use it.

Serial Port –

serial port connector

If you want to add some kind of VGA port to your motherboard, for example, suppose you want to view your computer screen in another big screen or an LCD, you want to connect to the computer project, then all this you have to do with VGA port can do very comfortably with the help of

LAN Cable Port –

USB Lan and Audio connections on the Motherboard | 💾 Marco … | Flickr

If you have any kind of networking work to connect the internet to your computer i.e. internet cable in your motherboard, then you can use LAN cable port and it is very useful thing.

Audio Port –

motherboard, connections, computer, technology, indoors, close-up, sound  recording equipment, control, music, table | Pxfuel

If you want to add any kind of audio or mic or speaker to your computer, then you can use this port, this audio port is very useful for listening to songs to which you can connect your home theater speaker. .

CMOS Battery –

File:Yakumo Notebook 536S - CR2032 backup battery on motherboard-4667.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

It is very important that you can see the time and date in your computer because of this battery, because of this battery you can see the time and date in your computer, it is all the work of this battery.

Floopy Port –

File:IDE Connectors in PCChips M925LR Pentium 4.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

If you have to add any kind of floppy then you can use this port but in today’s time this port has been removed because no one uses this port yet and no one is using it. Takes 

PCI Slot –

File:HyperTransport16 pcie8riser pcie16.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

If you have to add any kind of Modem, Network, Hardware, Sound card or Video card in your computer or Mother board, in such condition you can use PCI slot, you can see all the white slots in the motherboard which are There will be 4 or 5, in this you can add any extra thing.

AGP Slot –

motherboard, circuits, computer, parts, technology, circuit, board, data,  information, pc | Pxfuel

If you play high definition games on your computer, then if you want to add an extra graphics card, then you can use this slot, in which you can add your graphics card.

Heat Sink –

Page 3 | Royalty-free cpu photos free download | Pxfuel

This is a very important component, if the CPU motherboard in your computer somehow heats up or heats up without unnecessary heat, then the heat sink reduces it and this is its main job.

Ram Slot –

Motherboard RAM Slots: What They Are and How to Use Them

If you have to add in any way in your motherboard or you need extra ram and you have to add that you have to connect your RAM, then by using this slot you can increase the ram of your computer.

Power Connector –

24 pin ATX power plug from a Seasonic PSU 20131105

With the help of this power connector, whatever power supply is available in your motherboard, with the help of this power connect, power is supplied to your entire motherboard. 

Conclusion –

So you people must have understood that if you liked  “What is Motherboard”, then definitely share it on your social media and if you have any doubt then you can comment.  You will keep getting more such posts on our blog. So here were the important components of the mother board, if you want to ask anything else about the motherboard or want some knowledge, then you can ask me by commenting. Do share on social media such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc.

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